I am very much fascinated on fishes and ‘Fish drawing’,I have tried to create an environment of friendship by representing fishes in my painting. The Fishes are moving,living in the ocean. Fish is a symbol of leadership in the ocean.The big fish is living together with the small fishes in the ocean but small fishes don’t have freedom and they always become victims, like in society it is happening now a days. I used blue colour on the canvas it represented a cool Devil. It is my own style of representation .


Fish -1

Title: Fish -1

Media: Oil on canvas

Size: 30×36 Inch

Year: 2010

My 2nd Fish painting, oil in paper and it got ‘Sold out’. I used warm yellow, and red colours mainly. The form is of my own style. Here in the painting the blue colored fish is moving and I changed the color of the ocean to give it a new taste and style.

Title; Fish 2

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