Set of Dhal Talwar: From the Battlefield into your Homes!!

Dhal Talwar has a vast and very long history. In India practicing swordsmanship was common among Kshatriyas and was part of their Gurukul Shiksha. Sword was a symbol of respect and status. Warrior class used to take an oath by touching their swords.

According to history, this bladed weapon which originated from dagger evolved in 1600 BC. It was designed to cut and stab. From straight to curve and from single edge to double edge swords evolved according to time, need an army.

Swords like Talvar, kukri, khana, Pata, and firangi were mostly used in India. Talvar introduced by Mughals was a single edge weapon, curved and designed to attack and thrust.

Sword making is an ancient technology in itself. Generally, a sword has two main parts, first is the blade and other is the hilt. A blade needs to be hard as well as flexible at the same time. Hardness is required for attacking the enemy and flexibility is required to absorb attacks.

Here I prepared traditional techniques of casting process

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